I Am Not A Fetish

I am a woman, I am a sexual being and I am a curvy BBW. The books will say that anyone who finds me attractive is perverse and has a “fetish” because I do not conform to the “societal norm of attractiveness”. Here’s what I say on that, when more than 2/3rds of Adult Americans over age 20 are considered overweight and more than 1/3rd are flat out obese, maybe it’s time to reconsider what may be the “societal norm of attractiveness”.

I’ve always been a big girl and I’ve never had a problem attracting men. I may have just been super lucky in finding a shit ton of fat fetishists but I doubt that.  I suspect that it’s been more often the case that men have picked me not because of my thickness but many times despite it. Self confidence is usually the driving force behind attraction. While there are definitely men who find fat sexy, why is that any different than men being “boob men”, “ass men” or lovers of blondes, brunettes or redheads? It’s not, it’s a preference. Calling sexual attraction to curvy/thick/fat/large women a fetish is simply another way for society to ostracize and shame people. If you think I’m hot, you’re a fucked up pervert. Nice, right?

Fuck you, society and all you judgmental psychologists. Sexual attraction to inanimate objects is one thing but to another human being? What the fuck ever!

My husband may be a bit of a pervert (and I thank the good Lord for it daily!!) but it’s not because I’m a big girl, it’s because I’m a sexy bitch and he’s damn creative! Woot! Woot!

So, in closing let me just say that sexual attraction between humans varies and as long as it’s all consensual, there isn’t a damn thing wrong with any of it. Trying to suggest that someone is abnormal for having a healthy sexual appetite is a form of shaming the world can do without.

7 thoughts on “I Am Not A Fetish

  1. A-freakin’-men! And damned, your husband is the luckiest man ever – you are one insanely sexy woman! Sight unseen! I too hate that a preference for softer, curvier bodies makes people label one as a fetishist. Ridiculous!

  2. There is a lot of misconceptions about fetishes and kinks, too, and people rarely use the words correctly. People seem to think that attraction that goes against the supposed norm is a ‘fetish,’ it’s not. A fetish is something that someone actually needs to, well, get off. So yes, needing a larger woman *can* be a fetish *if* that particular person can *only* get off with a larger woman and not with a smaller one. A preference is *not* a fetish. It’s a preference. As far as kinks to, kinks are the things that we do that society deems ‘abnormal’ or ‘weird’ and vary depending on who you ask and talk to. Kinks aren’t needed for getting off, they are just, well, strongly preferred.

    • Researchers define Fat fetishism as the strong or exclusive sexual attraction to overweight or obese people. Alfred Binet and Freud both referred to fat fetishism as exclusive attraction to overweight and obese people and called it a fetish because fat people are outside the “societal norms of attractiveness”.

      By your logic, then do you consider someone who can ONLY get off by thin women rather than all women to have a thin fetish or would that just only be a preference?

      A human being should not be referred to as a fetish, it’s dehumanizing.

    • I refuse to agree with any logic that would deem another human being a “fetish.” Gay people don’t have a gay “fetish,” lesbians don’t have a lesbian “fetish,” and pansexuals don’t have multiple, non-exclusive fetishes. In fact, I doubt anyone would use the term “fetish” to describe the love/attraction/appreciation for such groups, as such a thing would be deemed racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. Why then, are those attracted to BBWs, etc. considered “fetishists?” And why are larger people considered a “fetish?” Oh, that’s right, they’re one of the last groups that people can still bash on and get away with … just like white men.

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