Why So Much Sex?

Someone asked me why I talk about sex so much.  I had about a half dozen answers that popped in my head before I responded. These are those thoughts:

  1. Because I like to have sex
  2. Because most people like to have sex
  3. Because I’m a grown woman and I can talk about what I want
  4. Because sharing recipes is for Pinterest and Facebook
  5. I really, really like sex (sorry sex on the brain)
  6. Why shouldn’t I?

The reason I talk about sex so much is because as a woman who has been a BBW for most of her adult life, I’ve struggled with wanting sex and not believing anyone would want to have sex with me. Low self esteem is a killer for BBWs and SSBBWs and many of us miss opportunity after sexy opportunity to get laid because of it. I want to help other women change that so they can enjoy a wonderful and healthy sex life.  One way to do that is to blog about sex and things you can do to improve your sex life.

It’s no fun being the girl that guys say they will fuck because there are no other options in the bar that night. Don’t believe you deserve to be THAT girl. Low self esteem allows these losers to prey on women and those women think that’s all they’re going to get so they allow themselves to be used as a last minute one night stand.  I want Big Girls to know and believe that they are beautiful, sexy women and that men do want them and would be proud to be seen with them.

The best way for me to get the message out is to talk about my life, my past and my present. My present includes a lot of sex because I found a man that loves me and finds me to be both beautiful and sexy. He adores my body… my big, curvy and yes, fat… body. How can I make it clear to other women like me, if I don’t talk about it? People can say whatever platitudes they want but I have experience and that experience is what gives hope.  I mean who would you rather take advice from: the chick who tells you that you’d be so pretty if or the fat chick who gets laid 3 times a day by her sexy husband and tells you that YOU ARE ALREADY HOT and men want you?

I didn’t have anyone tell me that there were men who loved big, curvy women 20+ years ago when I needed to hear it. There also weren’t as many guys who admitted it as freely as they do now…because society shamed them too.

That’s why I talk about sex and those other reasons I listed.  Sex is great and we need to shed the shame and enjoy it!



5 thoughts on “Why So Much Sex?

  1. Another good reason to talk about sex? Because it’s damned important! SOOOO many people make sex their lowest priority in a relationship…and then are shocked when their relationship falls apart later. Sex is, and should be, a priority, because nothing bonds two people together more than physical intimacy.

    • Exactly right. My Mom always said that as long as you have a good sex life and you are still attracted then your relationship can be saved no matter how bad you think it is…but once the sex is gone, it’s over. She’s right. Without a solid sexual relationship and intimacy you will not sustain your relationship – especially if the rest of it sucks.

      • And even if the rest *doesn’t* suck, in time, it will degrade too, because the lack of intimacy will lead to apathy, degradation, and entropy. Sex is unique in that it can create stronger bonds, where all else fades.

      • I tried to explain this to a friend who is in nearly a sexless marriage but says the rest of it is great…it won’t be great for long. I hope things turn around for her or she ends it and finds herself a man who really loves her instead.

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