Middle Aged BBW’s Are A Hot Commodity!

Have you been feeling down about being chubby and getting older? Younger chicks trying to make you feel like shit because you’re “past your prime”? Are those lonely, bitter single chicks taking cheap shots at your age? Then I’ve got some great news for you!!! Stop feeling bad about yourself and listen up!

Of all the genres and sub-genres available in the Porn industry and there are a lot of them,  upwards of a 100 or more different types, the top 7 include: MILF and BBW. That’s riiiight!!! Mommies (#4) and Fat Chicks (#6) ranked in the Top 7 most popular of ALL!!! BDSM came in at #7, take that 50 Shades readers!!  These stats are just hardcore porn…add in the soft core, pinup variety and you’ll start to notice a pattern.  BBWs and SSBBWs are pretty popular, just search youtube for sexy BBW or SSBBW and see how many views these big ladies are getting, it’s a ton! (pun intended)

The popularity of fat chicks and MILFs in porn and in soft core video offerings is growing, YES GROWING,  despite the fact that society thinks us fat chicks should be starved to thinness. Society tells us we are bad, fat, lazy, without discipline, worthless, unattractive and less deserving of pretty much everything and yet all over the world MEN WANT TO FUCK US older, fat chicks more than ever!

So, the next time you are feeling bad because you’ve packed on the weight and your Mom jeans have a muffin top, take heart…it’s highly likely that someone who just saw you and your muffin top popped a woody! Hold that chubby head up high and smile, you sexy bitch!


Happy Sunday!






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