Feds Wonder Why Fat Girls Can’t Get Dates

The NIH was awarded nearly a half a million dollars in grant money to find out why Fat Girls date less and have more risky sexual behavior than their thinner counterparts.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a $466,642 grant last week for the study, which will examine whether social skills have an impact on why obese girls have fewer dating experiences than their less obese counterparts.

“Mounting evidence demonstrates that weight influences intimate (i.e., dating and sexual) relationship formation and sexual negotiations among adolescent girls,” the grant’s abstract states. “Obese girls consistently report having fewer dating and sexual experiences, but more sexual risk behaviors (i.e., condom nonuse) once they are sexually active.”

Are you fucking serious? I’ll tell you for free and I don’t need to take a survey or conduct a study. YES, being fat fucks with your social skills and self confidence. Society at large tells us that fat people are fucking worthless, so, yeah that’s gonna have an impact on the little things like self esteem. A lack of self confidence will affect a person’s social skills making it harder to approach someone or allow someone to approach you.  Guys that are the “pick up artist” type prey on women with self esteem issues and fat girls are at the top of that list. Desperation to be accepted and loved makes these chubby chicks sexually reckless.

There it is in a nutshell. Total cost to the Fed Govt – $0.00. Now go cure Cancer, fund Autism research…do something more than waste money on studies that won’t affect a damn thing. You can’t force people to be nice, you can’t force people to stop Fat Shaming and you can’t force people to be self confident.  Let those of us who know how it feels, help those of us in need…



14 thoughts on “Feds Wonder Why Fat Girls Can’t Get Dates

    • Sometimes the simplest answer is the only answer. There is no magic formula that will help Fat Girls date more, they must learn to overcome their shame, believe they are worthy and love themselves enough to not let themselves be used.

      • There are many men out there who are not ashamed of dating curvy women,and some of us,including myself actually prefer them..curvy women are fantastic in my opinion..

      • I do find curvy women very sexy but I also show them the same respect as I do anyone else,I never treat my girlfriend as a sex object even though she is the sexiest woman I have ever met,for me the whole thing comes down to recognising that any woman,any man for that manner should not be treated as a lesser human being because they are “fat” (or thin,or black,white,purple ,tall,short,whatever) people have different needs,wants and desires,I just happen to desire a lady with curves but I love her because of her heart and she knows that..but crikey she is sexy..

  1. There is a flip side to this. Overweight men are the same way. I speak from experience. Advertisers have turned our world into body builders and super models. I wouldn’t be surprised if the body builders and super models feel like they don’t live up to the standards they allow themselves to set.

    • I agree though I feel men have it a bit easier. Women are less visual than men are and they are much more accepting and willing to date a “big guy’ than the reverse. That does not take away the self loathing we feel about ourselves be us woman or man but…a big man can get a model easier than I could’ve snag a bodybuilder, in the past.

  2. Well-written post as always, Queen. Sadly, the money was likely ill-spent by the government insomuch that whatever advice might be gleaned from their studies will paled in comparison to that which is given on this blog. Sadly, I fear that your advice often falls upon the deaf ears of the insecure…

    • I surely hope you’e wrong but I fear that you’re not. Still, my goal is to break down the self imposed barriers erected by the insecure and get my advice to act like an earworm.

  3. Oh, boy, another pet peeve of mine! There is absolutely *nothing* wrong with “fat” girls. Except I don’t call them “fat” or other derogatory names. I call them “huggable.” We all have our preferences, and no disrespect to skinny women, but I’m much rather be hugged by a woman who can envelop me in her softness and curves than a bag of bones. I actually posted something like this on Facebook, hoping it would let “round” women know they are valued and appreciated, and to stop paying attention to media hype and super models, and I got a retort along the lines of “skinny women are loveable too.” Talk about reverse political correctness! I stand by my personal preferences and think huggable women are beautiful inside and out.

    • It’s nice to be a preference rather than just told we’re gross and unhealthy. Someone tried to tell me I was thin shaming because my blog is just for big girls. My answer is that my blog is geared toward big girls but anyone can benefit from body positive messages and plenty of thin people read my stuff. I’m just trying to make larger women see that they too have value and sex appeal…once they believe they do.

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