Weight Obsessing and Why It Sucks

I, like most women, have been obsessing about my weight for the majority of my life. It started for me around the age of 10, yes 10. That was the age when I was made aware by others that I wasn’t skinny.  I was tall and played sports, so I was muscular. My weight was higher than the other girls who just played barbies but looking back – I was definitely not fat.  Naturally, I dieted like crazy and basically set into motion a lifelong struggle with my weight because of that constant yoyo dieting.

It is a miserable existence to be so obsessed with your weight. I look back and think of all the great things I said “no” to because of my weight, which wasn’t even bad. Weight became the only thing that mattered to the exclusion of all else. I wouldn’t go places because I worried that I looked too fat, I wouldn’t eat at parties, even if I was starving, because I was afraid people would judge me.  A big chunk of my life was unhappy because I was worried about my weight.  I’m certain that I am not alone in this. I’d wager that a large portion of the population, here in the U.S., has done the same thing to themselves. I see people still doing it.

I decided that enough was enough. I’ll never be skinny, trust me I’ve tried, it’s not my body type. I’m an hourglass and no matter how small I get my waistline, I’m destined to always have a big ass, thicker legs and a big rack on top. So, I chose to embrace it, rather than damn the fates and continuing to limit my existence to what will and won’t affect my weight. Wanna guess what happened?

I became happy in my skin. If I eat too much my pants get snug, when I don’t they get looser. I have no clue how much I weigh but when I look in the mirror, I like what I see and that is all that matters! I’m a sexy bitch and I’m really good with that. I get plenty of winks and approving glances from men (and some women as well). Not that I need those cat calls and smiles but it reaffirmed for me that I was right to stop obsessing so much.

We have only one life to live, do you really want to spend it denying yourself every single little pleasure that life has to offer?

8 thoughts on “Weight Obsessing and Why It Sucks

    • Thanks! That’s exactly it. My 74 y/o mother still does it. She’s obsessed with her weight and everyone else’s. She made a comment to my son last week about what he was eating and that it would make him fat…I almost slugged her. My son is 9 and not even remotely chubby – that’s how it starts and I won’t have anyone twist my kids like they did me.

      • That is how it started with me…my 81 year old mother. About 7 years ago, when I was 8 months pregnant she made a horrific remark to me. I told her she no longer had permission to comment on my appearance. If I looked great, she couldn’t say anything. If I looked like shit, she couldn’t say anything. If my hair was perfect, nothing. And when she begins to travel the path, I remind her to back up…that’s no longer her privilege.
        And if she ever had the nerve to utter a word about my kids, I would be right there with you on the slugging. Never letting that start with mine either.

  1. This is a sad reality in too many lives. I don’t step on the scale anymore either. That number is far too fickle. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I related to this so much. When my stomach became paralyzed due to a disease, I realized just how foolish I’d been all those years. The irony is now I need to keep my weight up. We never know what tomorrow brings, so live life to the fullest!

  3. Reblogged this on Black Cherry and commented:
    Weight obsessing effects every one of us whether we’re skinny, large or in between. We are never happy with our appearance but there will come a time when you will learn to love yourself and not give a flying fuck, just be happy to be you

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