Why Fat Shamers Are Delusional

The Fat Shamers are out en masse in 2016. They tell themselves and everyone who might listen that they are doing it for the good of all us poor, sad fatties! We need help, they tell themselves because we are too stupid to understand how fat and disgraceful we are. We’re saving their lives! Obviously, they don’t know they’re fat – and they’re too stupid to read a scale, watch tv or listen to their doctors…so we’ll shame them into fitness!

News Flash Assholes: Shaming people rarely has a positive effect, you’re not saving anyone’s life by ridiculing them – you’re more likely driving them to eat and actually gaining more weight. You want to Fat Shame someone? Fine! Own it but don’t try and convince anyone else that you are doing it for a greater good. You’re doing to feel morally superior and because you enjoy hurting people, especially weak people, not helping them. You obviously have some major insecurities causing you to seek redress with someone you feel is more deserving of ridicule…more deserving than you.

I have heard some of the stupidest reasoning behind fat shaming. My favorite was that the Fat Acceptance movement is somehow requiring/demanding that men change their innate desire and find fat women hot. Wow…you really think our big, fat bodies could actually make that leap?

You are D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!

Fat Acceptance is first and foremost about people ACCEPTING and LOVING themselves for who and what they are. How insanely criminal, right? Secondly, it’s about allowing us to live our life how we choose to live it — without ridicule.

It isn’t about you fat shaming assholes at all, I mean, it’s not a miracle movement. It most certainly isn’t a movement that is demanding that anyone actually change what they find sexually appealing. We actually need very little help in that regard. There are more than enough people (men and women) who actually find thick, chubby and fat sexy. You don’t and we’re fine with that. I don’t find insecure little assholes sexually attractive either – so it’s a win-win, as they say.

In closing, I would just like to say that this is a big world and we should all be able to live in peacefully and we should all be treated with respect. If you want to be a fat shaming asshole, be the best fat shaming asshole in the world…I support you! But don’t be a liar. Don’t lie to yourself or try lying to the rest of us about why you do it…because we know why and it’s not about being helpful. It’s because you’re an insecure person who thinks that self-confidence comes from bloviation and bluster. It doesn’t, you know…you have to find that inside yourself.








3 thoughts on “Why Fat Shamers Are Delusional

  1. I will tell anybody who is a delusional idiot the facts
    This includes fat idiots , thinking they are hot , thinking they are healthy and all the other lies you tell yourself and others
    People like myself who are against fat acceptance generally have a good reason to be
    I have seen the laziness and weak minded crap when you are trying to help them lose weight , it’s pathetic
    I don’t care who you are but if you are no inspiration to anyone and you are a bad example then I have no time for you
    Anyone who actually wanted to help children and others like you say you do ,would go out of there way to encourage them to NOT be what they hate so much about themselves . Yes hate coz otherwise you would not be writing such garbage .
    So how about you help others by helping them not be you
    Teach them to not make the same mistakes
    Now you tell me if that is my true reason why I tell it how it is , why is that such a bad thing

  2. First off, who is and who is not hot, is in the eye of the beholder. You don’t think fat chicks are hot, great. Plenty of men do, so it’s not a lie to tell myself that I am hot because I have been told so by many. I personally don’t find small minded, small dicked, illiterate blowhards sexy either – so you’re safe from my fat advances.

    The reason what you are doing is bad is because, as I wrote, shaming doesn’t work – it just hurts people. Now if that’s your goal, continue on your destructive path. If your goal is to help, then help them with positive reinforcement, as I am doing.

    Also, you really are quite the moron, you write like a 3rd grader (and I am being almost insulting to 3rd graders). Did you go to school? Tell ya what, in the spirit of trying to help everyone, I’m gonna help you. Go to ABC Mouse.com and download that program. It won’t make your dick bigger but it will help the rest of the world understand you better.

    Have a great day!

  3. Dean, your anecdotal evidence is stupid and so are you.

    “I don’t care who you are…”

    Why are you here then?

    “…but if you are no inspiration to anyone…”

    Wrong again, bucko. She’s an inspiration to me, for one.

    “…and you are a bad example”

    Unlike hateful, shitty you?

    “…then I have no time for you.”

    He says as he continues on for another two paragraphs like a dipshit.

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