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What Every (Big) Girl Should Know: How To Use A Vibrator

I received a great email from Elizabeth at Carvaka Adult Toys and she wanted to share with my readers some great tips on how to properly use a vibrator. What a great idea! Not everyone knows how and many don’t feel comfortable asking. Now you don’t have to, Elizabeth has kindly written this piece and shared with us a “How-To Guide” and graphic. So, without any further ado….

Get the Most from your Vibrator!

So you’ve bought your vibrator, it arrives to your door in discreet packaging and your excitement levels are heightened. What if this is your first vibe though? You might not really know how to get your desired orgasm!

If that is the case, don’t fear because you are certainly not alone. The sex toy industry is literally worth billions annually all over the world and vibrators certainly make up a large bulk of that but there are beginners to everything in this world and everyone has to start somewhere.

Even if you are a Sex and the City aficionado and have watched all the episodes of Girls that have been produced, you still might not know how to get the most from your vibe!

People sometimes like to build up a collection of vibrators too so it’s important to know how to extend the life of them. You must remember that these toys will likely be going inside or at the very least will be rubbing against some of your private parts so you also want to know how to keep them sanitized and clean. Who wants a nasty infection from something so pretty?

Vibrators are often seen as the toy for single women but this couldn’t be further from the truth; couples can enjoy vibes as part of a really fun and healthy sex life, it is just to know how to do it!

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys details how to get the most from your vibrator; it explains how to set the scene to using the toy to achieve a wonderful orgasm; it details the types of lubricant you can use; it explains the different type of vibes to give different types of orgasms and also how to look after your vibrator so that it lasts a long time…check it out below!


Carvaka IG How to Use A Vibrator